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Fasting in the Wilderness, by Rose Datoc Dall (prices $77 - $389)

  • The painting "Fasting in the Wilderness" was inspired by the image invoked by the Hebrew prayer shawl, a tallit which literally means a little tent or closet in which a person can closet oneself off from the world to commune with God. “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy acloset, and when thou hast bshut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in dsecret; and thy Father which eseeth in secret shall freward thee openly.” (Matthew 6:6, 3 Nephi 13:6)

    “Then Jesus was led up of the Spirit, into the wilderness, to be with God.” (Matthew 4:1 JST). After being baptized, Jesus sought spiritual strength by fasting for forty days in the wilderness before embarking on his mortal ministry. As in all things, Jesus showed by example, the way of finding true spiritual power, which is through prayer and fasting. 

☞ Loose giclée prints are single sheet prints on either paper or canvas as specified, w/ no matting. 


☞ All giclée prints are archival & museum quality. As with all artwork, please keep out of direct sunlight.


☞ Giclée prints on paper are printed on an archival, heavyweight, fine art, cotton rag paper. (It is recommended that prints on paper should be matted & framed behind glass, or stored flat, not rolled.)


☞ Giclée prints on canvas are printed with a suitable border for stretching or mounting, and are sprayed with a semi-gloss protective coating. May be framed without glass.


SHIPPING CHARGES on all INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (outside the US) and shipments to HAWAII and ALASKA will be BILLED SEPARATELY to customers via email invoice and AFTER a purchase is made. To inquire about shipping charges, please the use the print inquiry form here.

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